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New equipment and capacities in the fight against hepatitis B and other incurable diseases

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) causes an infectious disease in humans with a damaging effect on the liver. The virus is transmitted parenterally through blood and plasma, through sexual contacts, causes discomfort, and is a threat to life. According to statistics, about 1 million people worldwide die from hepatitis B every year. The disease occurs in an acute or chronic form, liver failure often develops. Modern methods of treatment are based on reducing the level of HBsAg, preventing the occurrence of complications of acute hepatitis B and progression to chronic HBV infection. This is how the nucleoside drugs lamivudine, clevudine, acyclic phosphonates adefovir, tenofovir, cyclopenteanes entecavir, interferon and thymosin work. They are carried out orally or intravenously. It is worth noting that these treatments have significant complications, including severe infections, anemia, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, impaired kidney function and neuropsychiatric disorders, abdominal pain, increased liver enzymes and myalgia.

Revolutionary solution

In 2016, WHO announced a program to eradicate hepatitis in the world by 2030 — in response to the emergence of universal drugs that can permanently destroy the virus in the body. Meravir, manufactured by Panacea Infarm and presented to the world community in 2017, became such a panacea. The stunning results of drug clinical trials shocked the medical world: 85% of patients were absolutely healthy, and the treatment had virtually no side effects. Meravir has proven to be safe even for patients with renal and hepatic insufficiency. Treating hepatitis has become easy: instead of a complex selection of several drugs therapy regimen, some of which need to be taken in injections, it is now enough to take pills for six to twelve months. The active components of Meravir are refogravir and sufamenavir. The correctly selected concentration of active components successfully coped with the suppression of hepatitis B virus. Refogavir is an inhibitor of HBV protease, it prevents the replication of viral DNA inside cells, and sufamenavir inhibits RNA polymerase, thereby suppressing the synthesis of viral DNA. The joint mechanism of action on the virus makes it possible to stop the viral copies growth and thus completely remove it from the body. Treatment with Meravir completely stops liver fibrosis, starts the process of its recovery even with fibrous changes of the third stage, enables the immune and endocrine system to restore its proper functioning.

Important: with the development of hepatitis B and Delta coinfection, Meravir tablets should not be used. To block the Delta agent, the drug Mirkludex is needed.

Production capacity expansion

The speed and quality of products depends on the equipment capacity and quality of auxiliary materials at each stage. Since the popularity of Meravir is growing every day, Panacea Infarm decided to expand manufacturing and purchased the latest first-class equipment to optimize the technological process of tablet production. Automated installations for dissolving and weighing the tablet mixture and excipients, innovative vibrating sifters, equipment for wet granulation with software, mixers, ball mills, the latest equipment for coating tablets will optimize and accordingly increase the quantity production of the drug. In the future, enlarged manufacture capacities will make it possible to launch new company’s developments for the treatment of other incurable diseases, such as oncology, HIV, into the production cycle. The most modern quality control equipment: disintegrators, particularly sensitive dissolution testers, hardness, thickness, fragility of tablets will make it possible to present patients with medicines that are not inferior in effectiveness to Meravir. We are confidently moving forward in an effort to rid humanity of infectious diseases, which until now were considered invincible.