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The cost of Meravir will be even lower for countries with a low standard of living

Panacea Infarm has announced a price reduction for Merovir for countries with a low standard of living (Russia, CIS, some European countries, South America, African countries).

Recently, a team of Australian scientists has developed an innovative remedy for hepatitis B, which has passed all preclinical and clinical trials. Mark Pellegrini, head of the research team at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, explains that Merovir achieved 100% success in treating viral hepatitis B. The team of researchers took the drug Birinapant as a basis for laboratory work. It is an American-made cancer drug tested on 350 volunteers but not sold to the global pharmaceutical market.

Africa is the source of the reproduction of the hepatitis B virus 

The effective and safe hepatitis B vaccine is now available in the Third World countries. Despite this and the existence of antiviral therapy infection in Africa is considered one of the main causes of death for young people. The possibilities of controlling the epidemic are insignificant. The general situation with medicine is very poor. Almost no one knows about his diagnosis. Moreover, even having learned about it, 1 person out of 1000 can afford treatment because of the high cost of medicines.

Most of the African population survives, the conditions for the birth and upbringing of children are terrible, as are the working conditions. There is no time to think about any diseases here, but this does not mean that there are no viruses — in such conditions, the epidemic is only gaining momentum. The situation can lead to a global catastrophe, if not to take action. The threat of extinction of the people hangs not only over Africa — over the whole world. It remains to hope that all countries will take part in the battle against the hepatitis B virus, since it is difficult to cure the flu even with the help of one such helpless state.

For the year, the average per capita expenditure on medical care and the purchase of medicines in the United States is 6.1%. According to WHO, this number shows how much people in South Africa spend. This is the highest rate in Africa. Namibia is in second place (5.3% of the US level), while Botswana is third in terms of average per capita medical expenses — 4.1%.

Most of the poorest countries are located in Africa, but this is not the main problem. Here is one of the most expensive medicines in the world. This is directly related to a poorly established supply chain, each medical institution buys medicines on its own, as a rule, it is done as far as possible, which means irregular, and the products are managed so illiterately that it often leads to expiration of the shelf life.

Forecast for 2020: Global Medicines Use in 2020 data

Slowly, but in the right direction, there is a reduction in the gap in the consumption of medicines between developed and developing countries. The cost of medicines in emerging markets is much lower, but the solvency of the population is low here. The use of pharmaceutical products requires a well-formed infrastructure of the state’s health care system for competent diagnosis of the disease and the correct use of drugs. The financial situation for the consumption of these drugs is also important. 

The fundamental factor that allows to increase the availability of medicines is the development of state social protection systems as well as individual health insurance.

In India, a person has the opportunity to purchase even rare specialized drugs at a pharmacy across the road. Access to complex medications is due to the high level of development of its own medical infrastructure. That is why large pharmaceutical companies prefer the production of generic drugs in this country.  

The largest amount of generic consumption comes from developing countries. These products are less expensive than the originals, which greatly expands access to medicines.

Some statistics:

  • 52% of global expenditures come from original products;
  • 21% are branded generics;
  • 14% are generic generics;
  • 13% — other products.

In developed countries, the original drugs market accounts for 65% in monetary terms, in developing countries — 24%. Higher costs have branded generics (38% vs. 12%). Cheaper drugs dominate the global market.

In China, access to medicines is more complicated. All residents need to take part in the compulsory health insurance program and to visit medical institutions in order to purchase medicine, and that means a serious additional expense for the patient.

 Affordable treatment from Baltimore to Bamako

New antiviral therapy with Merovir will be available in all CIS countries, some European countries, South America and Africa. Pricing will enable millions of people to use high-quality hepatitis B treatment with one tablet per day. This treatment method is recognized as the best and most effective to date and it is recommended by WHO. According to Michel Sidibé, director of UNAIDS, fatal diseases treatment should be available from Baltimore to Bamako.

UNITAID is a key executive agency under the President of the United States that invests in developing affordable and effective methods for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of HIV / AIDS, hepatitis C, B.

WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom welcomes all agreements that make it possible to provide the sick population with affordable, effective and reliable medicines. According to scientists, in the nearest future, thanks to new treatment methods and innovative drugs, the world will move closer to eliminating hepatitis B.

Panacea Infarm’s Merovir recently received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Numerous clinical trials have proven that the drug is effective in more than 85% cases. It does not cause serious side effects and accelerates the suppression of viral load.