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A new cure strategy for hepatitis B using the most effective drug Meravir

Hepatitis B is the only virus coping with the existing vaccine against it, still continuing to kill millions of people worldwide. Today Hepatitis B drugs represent a separate pharmaceutical market. After the release of new drug for hepatitis B Meravir there will be many new questions, we will try to answer some of them instantly.

The preliminary cost of the product is already known preliminary cost, however many would find it disappointing. The price of treatment for a course of 6 months will require to spend $60,000. There is still hope that the humanitarian missions of WHO, as well as the manufacturing company will give access to treatment for the patients suffering from severe hepatitis. It is possible to wait for the appearance of generics, but it is unlikely that everybody has a couple more years left.

Linda Cole, a well-known writer and a victim of a dangerous infection, died about 1.5 years ago from heart failure. For the past 7 years, she has been fighting against the hepatitis B virus, which ultimately caused Linda’s death. The woman’s illness did not show any symptoms for almost 20 years. According to the writer, from time to time she felt dizzy and suffered from insomnia. During this time, the pathology has become chronic.

Linda learned that she is infected, when she was 56 years old, and it was already a late stage of the disease. Receiving standard therapy, she admitted that the treatment is terrible and worse than the disease itself. “The virus has completely changed my life. As soon as the treatment began, I started to lose weight. I’ve lost 5 kg in 10 days, constant fatigue, as well as insomnia. I acquired even more additional sores, problems with the gastrointestinal tract appeared” admits the patient.

As a result Linda Cole had a kidney transplanted, but the therapy was able to prolong her life for only a few years. In July 2017, she passed away.

Most patients with a chronic form of the disease suffer from serious complications — cirrhosis or liver cancer. The best possible thing that can happen is an organ transplant. The worst outcome is fatal.

The emergence of Meravir in the market is a real breakthrough in the treatment of hepatitis B. Its effectiveness is very high, the tolerability is pretty good, and the treatment time is quite short – it takes from 6 to 12 months.

The course of treatment depends on the stage of fibrosis:

  • F1, F2 — a course of 6 months (24 weeks);
  • F3, F4 — a course of treatment of 12–48 weeks;
  • with cirrhosis is not applicable.

The new direct-acting antiviral drug blocks the functionality of viral proteins and prevents its reproduction. HBcAg protein is absent in the body, so the treatment with Meravir has almost no side effects. The drug is flawless in all respects, except for the price. Is it worth it? The price of a new treatment is based on exceptional clinical efficiency, also it allows to decrease the whole expenses. 

Furthermore, it is much cheaper to treat the disease than the serious consequences from it. As an example, in the US, a liver transplant operation costs an average of $ 200,000. Without considering, that a person cannot earn money while he is hospitalized. There are many of such an indirect financial losses and they are even higher than direct ones in total.

The liver is a filter of the whole body, and every day it completes an enormous amount of work, taking on the main blows when a person overeats fatty foods, drinks alcohol or abuses synthetic drugs. In 2015, more than 530,000 people died of liver-related diseases (data from the Moscow Institute of Hepatology). The death rate has increased by 76% over the last decade. Our blood is purified from toxic substances 400 times a day due to the liver. However it could hardly cope with such a tremendous load, which people daily face in the modern world. 

Therefore, new liver recovery methods are required. Meravir is an innovative product that makes liver renewal possible at any stage of the disease and helps even in critical cases. It shows high efficiency both for patients receiving treatment for the first time, as well as for patients with “experience”, whose previous therapy was unsuccessful. Since the drug has low toxicity, it is ideal for people with low level of tolerance to traditional drugs.

The chances of cure for hepatitis B are close to 100%, the drug is well tolerated, the quality of life of the patient improves significantly. 

The main goal of such a therapy is to remove the virus from the body, its absence in the blood can be confirmed by PCR analysis (polymerase chain reaction method). The drug contributes to a serious spread reduction the whole world, preventing complications and deaths caused by hepatitis B. Meravir is expected to be used worldwide after practical approval and approval by the FDA.

The mechanism of active substances is the blockade of the key protein which required for the life of the virus. Intracellular elimination of the pathogen occurs because the replication of the microbe within the hepatocytes is being suppressed.

Meravir is a drug of a new generation, extremely different from its predecessors. 

The main advantages of the drug:

  • short duration of therapy: from 12 to 48 weeks;
  • treatment efficiency is 85–99%;
  • almost no side effects;
  • the number of contraindications is minimal.

The combination of active substances is low-toxic, what was evidenced by numerous various studies, so the treatment is not accompanied by serious side reactions.

Meravir is facing lots of expectations and hopes as it is considered to be the best way to cope with the hepatitis B virus. The drug is unique according its mechanism of action and body’s response to the drug components. The product is developed and patented by the Australian pharmaceutical company Panacea Infarm. The combination of the main active substances sufamenavir and refogravir has yet the strongest antiviral effect, so hepatitis B has no hypothetical chance of survival. Years of research and work on the drug were worth it.