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Attention and Excitement are growing: the release of the drug for hepatitis B is coming closer

 25.12. 2018

Hepatitis B incidence statistics are depressing, to put it mildly. According to the results of a large-scale study published in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology, only 1 out of 20 patients with the virus among the 300 million infected receives the required treatment. However a long lasting therapy, which would guarantee ultimate cure from the virus, even if completed fully, did not exist. Nevertheless, the release of a completely new drug will rise the chances of recovery among the millions of suffering people. 

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The whole world is looking forward to the emergence of a truly effective medicine. This moment is coming closer, an innovative drug for hepatitis B Meravir is expected to get to the market in the next year.

The absence of timely and proper treatment of the acute form of viral hepatitis B leads to a chronic stage, which in its turn leads to the destruction of the liver and the development of cancer. According to statistics, about 600,000 people die each year from complications caused by the disease. This is much worse than the cruellest malaria epidemics. 

The chances of recovery after taking the drug, according to the results of recent clinical trials, varies from 80% to 90%. The drug is also effective against Delta Supervirus (Hepatitis D), because it reduces activity of the virus and interferes with viral replication.

The inhabitants of Asia and sub-Saharan Africa suffer most from the disease. About 60% of all infected people live in China, Nigeria, Indonesia, India and the Philippines. The highest incidence and mortality rate from complications can be found in the Central African Republic. About 12% of the population  there suffers from chronic hepatitis B.

A vaccine was first introduced in the 1980s. According to the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization), the first vaccination should be made to the child within 24 hours after birth. However less than a half of newborn babies are vaccinated in CIS and Russia. 

Nothing matters! Only result

Mankind is  believing , waiting, hoping for the moment when healthcare system and medical science will make a breakthrough curing cancer, coping with the old age, HIV and hepatitis. However, yet nobody believes in advertising and promotions, people have learned to distinguish falsehood from truth, no one requires promises anymore, but the result. Long-term studies of the drug for hepatitis B have proven that there is a valid result. The release of the drug for hepatitis B would allow everyone, suffering from disease and requiring help, to ensure self in it.

The purpose of developing a new drug is the complete elimination of the virus in the body. Scientists have found a molecule that can inhibit the expression of the HBV gene. As an example of numerous studies between mice and humans, the authors found out that, in comparison to inhibitors — nucleosis (t), a new molecule decreases the expression of HBsAg antigens.

All patients must understand that, as well as in the case of drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C, the price will be high in the first year. There is still hope for the generics and humanitarian missions of WHO. Drugs that are in different stages of development, change the understanding of problem of ​​viral hepatitis dramatically. At the moment, we’re more than ever closer to the complete elimination of these deadly diseases, because pharmaceutical companies are constantly developing new drugs and creating more and more safe and effective treatment methods.

Excitement from the expectation of medication

Excitement from the expectation of new drug entering the global pharmaceutical market is growing due to the fact that hepatitis C has already become curable, says Ph.D., Timothy M. Block. Present-day drugs suppress the level of viral DNA quite well, but do not enable achieving of a sustained reduction in viral capacity after the end of treatment. Therefore, a fundamentally new means are required, so that they could affect all stages of the life cycle of the hepatitis B virus. The new product is surveyed during the four phases of clinical studies before approval by regulatory agencies, including the FDA.

In the first phase, while several dozen people are participating, the safety of the drug and the dosage are determined. In the second phase, the side effects of the drug are being identified among the hundreds of participants. The third phase can last for several years; the drug being used by several thousand people. Special attention is paid to the effectiveness and safety of the drug, before entering the market in phase IV.

Recommendations for the treatment of viral hepatitis B on the official website of the European Association for the Study of Liver Diseases are made public. 

According to the document, the main ones are:

  1. All patients with cirrhosis with detectable HBV DNA must be treated.
  2. Antiviral therapy is prescribed when the amount of HBV DNA is> 2,000 IU / ml, ALT scores are high and / or there is moderate histological destruction of the liver.
  3. Treatment should be received by pregnant women with a high viral load in order to prevent infection of the child and patients with immunosuppression to prevent re-activation of HBV.

It is extremely important to track the response to treatment, control the risk of pathology’s and the development of complications among the patients who have previously received therapy, using different drugs. 

The development of the drug Meravir, the main active substances of which are sufamenavir and refogravir, has been conducted since the distant 2013. There were rumors about it, it was written in various information portals, newspapers, it was reported on television, more than one video plot was filmed.

Very soon, the product will give hope for the complete recovery to millions of patients around the world. Meravir has a specific activity for the hepatitis B and D viruses, stopping their reproduction in the blood. With an effective concentration of 1.6–5.5 μmol, Meravir has a inhibitory effect on individual strains of virus B and D.

Moreover, the high effectiveness of treatment against toxic and alcoholic cirrhosis after suffering hepatitis has been  also proven. The cicatricial tissues of the liver are regenerating 12 times faster, the functions of the liver are restored more rapid, the risk of developing cancer decreases noticeably.